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Special Announcement

The Puerto Rican Cultural Center Inc., (PRCC),  has partnered with the Hispanic American Library (HAL) to promote the Hispanic / Latino cultures and positively affect outcomes in economic activities, education, housing, and health.  



PRCC and HAL strive to present the Puerto Rican, Hispanic, and Latino heritage as valuable assets of the community.  PRCC and HAL are advocates  for the rights and privileges of all Hispanics and Latinos.    

Our social media accounts list our programs,  provides information about our organizations and our culture, opportunities and resources, and events taking place in our community.

You can support our efforts through your tax deductible donations, purchasing items by local artist, or being a corporate sponsor.  

Once again thank you.

   Quick links on Puerto Rican, Hispanic, and Latin history & culture 

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Our conservative  overhead permits us to dedicate up to 90% of your tax deductible donation. Your donation supports program development and community programs.

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Our volunteers are valued citizens. If you are interested in serving the community we welcome you.

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